Keep Your Garbage Disposal Running

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If your garbage disposal isn't draining correctly, it can make your whole kitchen smell like rotting food. That smell won't go away until you get a garbage disposal repair. Pick Premier Appliance as your appliance repair company in San Antonio, TX. Whether your disposal won't crush food or won't even turn on, we can handle it. We know what common causes to look out for.

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What causes garbage disposal problems?

Garbage disposals can have a variety of problems that all have different causes. For example:

  • A lack of power could be caused by an electrical issue
  • A system that doesn't grind could be jammed
  • A disposal that is leaking could come from a loose sink part

No matter what the cause is, our appliance repair professionals can fix it. Call us today at 210-848-7300 if you have any questions about our services.